Glen Report 8.13: New Protecting Groups for DNA, RNA and 2'-OMe-RNA Monomers

2'-OMe-Ac-C, 2'-OMe-5-Me-C and 2'-OMe-I

UltraFAST DNA deprotection1 has revolutionized the downstream processing of oligodeoxynucleotides by cutting the cleavage and deprotection steps to less than 15 minutes. Glen Research has extended this utility to 2'-OMe-RNA with the introduction of the acetyl-protected 2'-OMe-Cytidine-CE Phosphoramidite. While using this monomer, all of the advantages of speed of deprotection is brought to 2'-OMe-RNA and chimeric oligos containing 2'-deoxynucleotides and 2'-OMe-ribonucleotides. Glen Research has also introduced the 5-methyl analogue of protected 2'-OMe-Cytidine which also has acetyl protection and is compatible with UltraFAST deprotection. Also added to our line is 2'-OMe-Inosine-CE Phosphoramidite. Oligonucleotides containing 2'-OMe-5-Me-C and 2'-OMe-I would be of interest to researchers involved in triplex and antisense studies using 2'-OMe-RNA.


Glen Research now has available acetyl protected Cytidine for routine RNA synthesis. Check our World Wide Web site for a new protocol for fast deprotection of RNA oligos.


Glen Research is happy to introduce 2'-deoxyGuanosine protected with a dimethylformamidine (dmf) group. We have used dmf protection on our 2'-OMe-G monomer for many years and the addition of dmf-dG will allow researchers to prepare 2'-OMe-RNA/DNA hybrid molecules2 with identical protecting groups. This monomer would also be suitable for use in oligos which require mild deprotection.


Glen Research has reintroduced the 2,6-diaminopurine monomer (2-amino-dA). Oligos containing this base require 7 days at 55deg for deprotection in ammonia alone, but can be deprotected using AMA at 55deg for 17 hours. Acetyl protected dC monomers are of course required to avoid base modification of dC residues during deprotection with AMA.


(1) M.P. Reddy, N.B. Hanna, and F. Farooqui, Tetrahedron Lett., 1994, 35, 4311-4314.
(2) B.P. Monia, et al., J. Biol. Chem., 1993, 268, 14514-14522.


Figure 1

Product Information

2'-OMe-Ac-C-CE Phosphoramidite (10-3115)
2'-OMe-Ac-C-RNA-CPG (20-3615)
2'-OMe-I-CE Phosphoramidite (10-3140)
2'-OMe-5-Me-C-CE Phosphoramidite (10-3160)
Ac-C-CE Phosphoramidite (10-3015)
Ac-C-RNA-CPG (20-3315)
dmf-dG-CE Phosphoramidite (10-1029)
dmf-dG-CPG (20-2029)

2-Amino-dA-CE Phosphoramidite(10-1005) has been discontinued.Please see:
2-Amino-dA-CE Phosphoramidite (10-1085)