Glen Report 8.15: Poly-Pak II Cartridges for the 1 µmole Synthesis Scale

Poly-Pak II Cartridges for the 1µmole Synthesis Scale

Poly-Pak II

Poly-Pak™ Cartridges from Glen Research were introduced for the purification of synthetic oligonucleotides on a small scale using the DMT-on purification strategy. The original cartridges have a capacity of up to 0.3 µmoles and are popular for the purification of oligonucleotides prepared on the 40 nmole and 0.2 µmole scales. However, 1 µmole syntheses have to be split among three of the original cartridges for optimal yield

Now, we are happy to introduce Poly-Pak II cartridges for the purification of oligonucleotides on a synthesis scale of up to 1 µmole. (We will, of course, continue to offer the original Poly-Pak cartridges.) Using a Poly-Pak II cartridge, virtually all of the DMT-on product from a 1 µmole synthesis is absorbed during the loading process. Yields of up to 150 A260 units of a purified 20 mer can be expected

Poly-Pak II cartridges retain the same comfortable back pressure and low eluate volumes of the original Poly-Pak cartridges. Now you can purify an oligonucleotide synthesized on the 1 µmole scale in good yield in less than 10 minutes

Poly-Pak is a Trademark of Glen Research Corporation


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