Universal Supports and Synthesis Supplies

Universal Supports

With the widespread use of high throughput DNA synthesizers, the relevance of universal supports is more important than ever. A universal support is used in place of a synthesis support that has the first base attached to the support. This permits the use of one support for all syntheses.
A universal support offers the following advantages:
  • Eliminates the need for an inventory of nucleoside supports.
  • Minimizes the possibility of error in the selection of the correct support type.
  • Reduces time and eliminates the possible error in the generation of an array of nucleoside supports in 96 well synthesizers.
  • Allows the preparation of oligonucleotides containing a 3'-terminal nucleoside which is not available as a support. 
Glen Research offers Universal Support III and Glen UnySupport™. 



Oligo Affinity Support

The criteria for a successful oligo affinity support are simple:

  • The support must allow high quality oligonucleotide synthesis using organic solvents.
  • The support must also be suitable for use in the aqueous medium of affinity chromatography.
  • The support must exhibit low non-specific binding of the intended affinity target.
Glen Research offers Oligo Affinity Support PS with these characteristics. 


Synthesis Column Supplies

Glen Research offers empty synthesis columns and replacements frits for a variety of synthesizers. TWIST™ columns are designed for use on ABI synthesizers but can be used for other types with luer fittings. TWIST columns are sealed with a screw cap and are useful in situations where the column has to be opened to manipulate the synthesis support and then resealed. Empty synthesis columns and replacement frits are also offered in Expedite and MerMade formats. 

Explore Non-Standard Supports and Supplies for Oligonucleotide Synthesis

Glen UnySupport in a variety of popular formats under license from Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Our universal supports and synthesis supplies are produced and packaged to ensure the highest performance on commercial oligonucleotide synthesizers.

Oligo-affinity supports (OAS) should ideally be compatible with automated synthesis, should be non-friable, should not shrink or swell, and should have low non-specific binding of the proteins or DNA.

Empty columns and frits for several commercial oligonucleotide synthesizers are available.