Sulfurizing Reagents

Glen Research’s Sulfurizing Reagents are used to prepare phosphorothioate linkages using CE phosphoramidite chemistry.  Each reagent exhibits the following attributes:

1) Reliably soluble, making them safe to use on automated synthesizers.

2) Reaction is fast (30 seconds), making the process convenient on small scales and readily amenable to scale-up.

3) Process is efficient, with better than 96% of the linkages being phosphorothioate and the remainder being phosphodiester.

Sulfurizing Reagent II (3-((Dimethylamino-methylidene)amino)-3H-1,2,4-dithiazole-3-thione, DDTT) exhibits all the properties of Beaucage Reagent while adding stability in solution on the synthesizer AND offering strong ability to sulfurize RNA linkages.  Sulfurizing Reagent II is available in powder form and as a stable solution.

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