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Glen Research offers the highest level of Quality Assurance for reagents for DNA and RNA synthesis - Sterling Quality and Performance. We now apply the Sterling criteria of quality and performance to all of Glen Research’s established products. The common monomers and supports are available for use on oligonucleotide synthesizers.

For non-Sterling Phosphoramidites, please look for the Expedite format/packaging corresponding to either a 1 or 2oz Boston Round.  For non-Sterling Supports, please look for the Expedite (E) column packaging.

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Glen Research CE (β-cyanoethyl) Phosphoramidites are produced and packaged to ensure the highest performance on DNA synthesizers. Every Glen Research product is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and HPLC trace, showing the results of our QC testing.

All Glen Research CPG supports use the standard long chain alkylamino (lcaa) linker but differ in the glass pore size, 500Å, 1000Å or 2000Å. The 500Å support is appropriate for shorter sequences, while the 1000Å supports perform better in the synthesis of longer (>30-mer) DNA sequences.

All solvents and reagents are prepared to our exacting specifications to ensure the highest synthesis efficiency and are passed through a 0.2 micron filter during packaging to eliminate particulate contamination. Glen Research uses freshly sublimed 1H-tetrazole for premium performance on oligonucleotide synthesizers.