Glen Report 19.24: New Lines of Monomers - HT for High Throughput and LC for Low Cost RNA

HT Monomers

Recently, we have been working on monomers with a new quality designation destined for high throughput and large-scale synthesis customers. These customers normally require high quality materials produced under the guidelines of a validated quality system while still being priced aggressively. We are now happy to introduce the Glen Research HT line of monomers for DNA, RNA and 2’-OMe-RNA synthesis. These products include the usual Glen Research certification and guarantees but they are only available in larger packs or in bulk. As the market evolves, we would expect to expand this line to encompass other bases, modifiers and supports. HT monomers are not subject to regular discounts and a separate HT discount schedule will be set up for our customers. For these products, please request a quote.

The Table covers the monomers that are now available in the HT program along with some necessary ordering requirements.

LC RNA Monomers

We are also introducing a new line of RNA monomers - LC for Low Cost RNA. These monomers are of the highest quality but, in addition, they have been selected as part of a set which will allow simple deprotection, as described in the previous page, and which can be offered at attractive prices.

The minimum order quantity for these LC RNA monomers is 20g total per order in any combination, packaged in 1g vials. Please request a quote.

Product Minimum Amount per Order Notes

Product Minimum Amount per Order Notes
DNA Monomers
(Bz-dA, Bz-dC, Ac-dC, ibu-dG, dmf-dG, T)
400g total per order
  1. Packaged as 5g bottles (or greater) or in bulk.
  2. Products may be combined to 400g total.
RNA Monomers
(Bz-A, Ac-C, Ac-G, U, 2’-TBDMS)
40g total per order
  1. Packaged as 2g vials (or greater) or in bulk.
  2. Products may be combined to 40g total.
2’-OMe-RNA Monomers
(Bz-A, Ac-C, iBu-G, U)
40g total per order
  1. Packaged as 2g vials (or greater) or in bulk.
  2. Products may be combined to 40g total.
Item Catalog No. Pack
HT DNA Phosphoramidites
dA-CE Phosphoramidite 10-1000-5HT 5.0g
dC-CE Phosphoramidite 10-1010-5HT 5.0g
Ac-dC-CE Phosphoramidite 10-1015-5HT 5.0g
dG-CE Phosphoramidite 10-1020-5HT 5.0g
dmf-dG-CE Phosphoramidite 10-1029-5HT 5.0g
dT-CE Phosphoramidite 10-1030-5HT 5.0g
HT RNA Phosphoramidites
Bz-A-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3003-2HT 2.0g
Ac-C-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3015-2HT 2.0g
Ac-G-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3025-2HT 2.0g
U-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3030-2HT 2.0g
HT 2’-OMe-RNA Phosphoramidites
2’-OMe-Bz-A-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3100-2HT 2.0g
2’-OMe-Ac-C-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3115-2HT 2.0g
2’-OMe-iBu-G-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3120-2HT 2.0g
2’-OMe-U-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3130-2HT 2.0g
LC RNA Monomers
Bz-A-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3003-10 1.0g
Ac-C-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3015-10 1.0g
Ac-G-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3025-10 1.0g
U-CE Phosphoramidite 10-3030-10 1.0g

Product Information

The -HT catalog numbers used in this article are no longer active.