Natural RNA Phosphoramidites and Supports

Glen Research Phosphoramidites and Supports for RNA synthesis are produced and packaged to ensure the highest performance on commercial synthesizers. Every batch is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and an HPLC trace, showing the results of our QC testing. Glen Research RNA monomers are packaged in industry standard vials which are specially cleaned to eliminate particulate contamination. We have instituted an additional QC test for supports to show the length of oligo that can be prepared before a drop-off in coupling due to steric effects begins to occur. The drop-off point is recorded in the Certificate of Analysis. All Glen Research supports are fully end-capped to ensure that the CPG surface is totally inert, thereby avoiding the introduction of impurity sequences containing deletions at the 3’-terminus.

Explore Natural RNA Phosphoramidites and Supports

UltraMild RNA synthesis reagents are available for use when RNA bases and labels are not compatible with ammonium hydroxide deprotection.

Our standard RNA phopshoramidites and supports are produced and packaged to ensure the highest performance on commercial oligonucleotide synthesizers.

Glen Research offers RNA supports in which protected ribonucleosides are attached to CPG.

Glen Research 2’-OMe-RNA CE (ß-cyanoethyl) Phosphoramidites are designed to produce synthetic oligonucleotides containing nuclease resistant 2’-O-methyl ribonucleotide linkages.

Like the very similar 2’-OMe backbone, the 2’-O-methoxyethyl-RNA (2’-MOE) backbone provides enhanced duplex stability, significant nuclease resistance and relatively low toxicity.