beta-L-iPr-Pac-dG-CE Phosphoramidite


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Beta L-DNA is the mirror image version of naturally occurring D-DNA. L-DNA and D-DNA share identical structures that differ only in terms of stereochemistry and generally have identical physical and chemical properties. The difference in their stereochemistry results in differences in their interactions with chiral molecules, D-DNA will only bind to its D-DNA complement to form right-handed helices, and likewise, L-DNA will only bind to its L-DNA complement to form left-handed helices. For this reason, enzymes that interact with D-DNA, including nucleases, typically won’t interact with L-DNA. The unique properties of L-DNAs have made them attractive for many biological applications such as Aptamers, Molecular Beacons, Molecular Tagging, and Drug Nanocarriers. Note that the procedure for synthesizing L-DNA oligonucleotides is very similar to that of D-DNA oligonucleotides. Please see GR31.2 for more details.



  • Coupling: No changes needed from standard method recommended by synthesizer manufacturer. To avoid any exchange of the iPr-Pac group on the dG with acetyl, use the UltraMild Cap Mix A (40-4210-xx/ 40-4212-xx).
  • Deprotection: UltraMILD deprotection: 0.05M Potassium Carbonate in Methanol, 4 hours at Room Temperature OR 2 hours at Room Temperature in 30% Ammonium Hydroxide.
Diluent Anhydrous Acetonitrile
Storage Freezer storage, -10 to -30°C, dry
Stability 1-2 days

Dilution/Coupling Data

The table below show pack size data and, for solutions, dilution and approximate coupling based on normal priming procedures.

ABI 392/394

Catalog # Pack Size Grams/Pack 0.1M Dil. (mL) Approximate Number of Additions
LV40 LV200 40nm 0.2μm 1μm 10μm
10-2121-02 0.25 g 0.25 2.64 74.67 44.8 28 20.36 14.93 3.73
10-2121-05 0.5 g 0.5 5.29 163 97.8 61.13 44.45 32.6 8.15
10-2121-10 1.0 g 1 10.57 339 203.4 127.13 92.45 67.8 16.95


Catalog # Pack Size Grams/Pack Dilution (mL) Approximate Number of Additions
Molarity 50nm 0.2μm 1μm 15μm
10-2121-02 0.25 g 0.25 3.94 0.07 72.4 45.25 32.91 4.53
10-2121-05 0.5 g 0.5 7.89 0.07 151.4 94.63 68.82 9.46
10-2121-10 1.0 g 1 15.78 0.07 309.2 193.25 140.55 19.33