Glen Report 9.13: A Gallery of Recent Additions

Figure 1

In no particular order and for no reason other than the fact that they exist, we introduce some new and interesting compounds.

2'-OMe-RNA Methyl Phosphonamidites

We bring the useful features of uncharged backbone linkages to the field of 2'-OMe-RNA.

Product Information

2'-OMe-RNA Methyl Phosphonamidites have been discontinued


Maybe you would like to attach a label directly to the 5' end of a sequence, or maybe you would like to attach a peptide or PNA sequence to an oligo. If so, then this might be the answer you have been looking for 5'-amino, 5'-deoxy-Thymidine CE phosphoramidite.

5'-Amino-dT-CE Phosphoramidite

Product Information

5'-Amino-dT-CE Phosphoramidite (10-1932)


This 3-deaza-5-aza-C (Reverse C) derivative has the potential to mimic in oligonucleotides 5-azacytidine, a DNA methylase inhibitor. Its ability to bind as a C will likely be diminished.

2'-OMe-3-deaza-5-aza-C-CE Phosphoramidite

Product Information

2'-OMe-deaza-5-aza-C has been discontinued.