Glen Report 33-27: Technical Snippets

Do you offer a Vacuum Manifold for the Glen-PakTM Cartridges?

No, we only sell oligonucleotide synthesis reagents and do not offer instruments/equipment. Manifolds for the cartridges are readily available from most laboratory supply vendors. One should search for Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) manifolds for available options, and most vacuum manifolds will work with the Glen-Pak Columns. We recommend a glass block unit to observe the process. It is important to note that our Glen-Pak Cartridges (DNA and RNA) have a male standard Luer fitting designed to connect to female Luer fittings. Therefore, manifolds with a female standard Luer fitting are necessary. A standard SPE manifold is a chamber that includes a vacuum port, vacuum gauge, collection rack and 16-24 individual miniature stopcocks for each of the female Luer fitting ports.


Glen-Pak™ DNA purification cartridge (60-5100)
Glen-Pak™ RNA purification cartridge (60-6100)
Glen-Pak™ 50 mg DNA purification cartridge (60-5000)
Glen-Pak™ DNA cartridge 3g (60-5300)

Do you offer TBDMS-protected RNA supports?

No, our RNA supports are actually protected with 2’-OAc. Why not 2’-silyl groups? A specific 2’-silyl group is unnecessary at this position from a process perspective. The 2’-OAc groups are more versatile and can be used for 2’-TBDMS RNA, 2’-TOM RNA, or a chimera. The acetate is removed during cleavage from the support to yield a 2’-OH. After subsequent 2’-deprotection, the oligo is fully 2’-OH RNA.

If a 2’-TBDMS group is required for any reason at the 3’-end of your oligo, this can still be accomplished using our universal support, US III PS (26-5010), with our 2’-TBDMS RNA phosphoramidites.


Pac-A-RNA-CPG (20-3300)
Bz-A-RNA-CPG (20-3303)
Ac-A-RNA CPG (20-3304)
Ac-C-RNA-CPG (20-3315)
iPr-Pac-G-RNA-CPG (20-3321)
Ac-G-RNA-CPG (20-3324)
U-RNA-CPG (20-3330)