Glen Report 24.13: New Products: AB 3900 Columns Containing 1000Å CPG

Figure 1
AB 3900 1000Å CPG Columns

The AB 3900 synthesizer platform is designed to run using columns containing polystyrene (PS) supports. At the time the synthesizer was launched, only the four standard bases were available as PS filled columns, thus creating an immediate demand for PS modifiers. We have supplied a number of modified supports on PS for this very reason. While these are popular with many of our customers, there has been ongoing demand for high quality, CPG filled columns for use on this instrument platform.

Until now, using CPG supports on the AB 3900 required a number of changes to both the instrument settings and synthesis software. In order to achieve proper reagent flow and contact times, the purge and chamber pressure settings needed to be altered. Software settings also had to be changed to give shorter push and wait times, purge increment/vial parameters, and REACT modes. All of this, as well as a significant amount of development work, was required when using CPG to obtain synthesis quality similar to that of PS.

Glen Research's AB 3900 CPG columns are fully compatible with the AB 3900 family of synthesizers and require no alterations to existing preset programs or instrument settings. The column assemblies have been adjusted structurally to allow for proper reagent hold up and contact times. They also contain high quality 1000Å CPG supports for optimal synthesis results.

Glen Research's AB 3900 columns bring the lower cost of CPG to this platform while maintaining the high synthesis efficiency of 1000Å CPG. Our columns offer the following key attributes:

  • No need to change instrument settings
  • No need to change software parameters
  • Easier handling post-synthesis compared to PS
  • High quality 1000Å CPG for optimal synthesis results
  • Ordering information for our CPG columns for use on the AB 3900 synthesizer is shown.

Modified CPG Supports

In addition, our entire catalog of modified supports will now be available in this column format. However, only 200 nmole columns will be available initially in this format since the typical loading of our 1000Å supports is too low to allow 1 µmole columns to be prepared in this column. Simply find the modified CPG needed from our catalog and add an "A" to the standard catalog number to order for the AB 3900 instrument.

Key Points

  • Modified CPG columns only available in 200 nmole size.
  • Add an "A" to the standard catalog number to order.

Product Information

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AB 3900 Polystyrene Modifier Columns