Glen Report 24.15: New Products - 6-HEX and 6-TET Azides

Glen Research has committed to adding to our product line azide analogues of our most popular tags, in addition to interesting reagents which are not compatible with routine oligonucleotide synthesis. HEX and TET are two of our most popular fluorescein-based dyes for labelling oligonucleotides. We are happy to offer 6-HEX (3) and 6-TET (4) Azides for use in click conjugations.

(3) 6-HEX azide
(4) 6-TET azide

In Figure 5, the high conjugation efficiency of 6-HEX Azide is illustrated. Virtually 100% efficiency was achieved in a copper-free click with an oligo modified at the 5' terminus using 5’-DBCO-TEG Phosphoramidite.

Figure 4
Figure 4: Copper-Free Conjugation of DBCO-Oligo with HEX Azide
Figure 5
Figure 5: RP HPLC of copper-free conjugation of DBCO-oligo with HEX azide


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Product Information

6-HEX Azide (50-2005)
6-TET Azide (50-2006)