Glen Report 4-11: Introduction

In this issue of the Glen Research Report, we introduce many new products, Including monomers for RNA and 2'-0-methyl-RNA synthesis, novel minor bases, and biotin phosphoramimdites. However, there are some additional points worthy of note.

H-Phosphonate Chemistry

We have at last completed our Review of H-Phosphonate Chemistry which brings up to date events using that chemistry. Call us if you are interested In receiving a copy. Glen Research continues to carry out work on the application of this chemistry to large-scale synthesis and we will continue to supply H-phosphonate monomers. In this issue, we also review a paper with an interesting slant on the potential use of H-phosphonates for the simultaneous synthesis of multiple oligonucleotides. The authors also describe procedures for hydrolysis of the H-phosphonate active intermediates and recovery of excess monomers.

H-Phosphonates are no longer available from Glen Research.


Amino-Modifier-dT has proved to be the best product by far for labelling oligonucleotides internally. The success of the product has allowed us to scale up manufacture and we are able to offer the item at a 25% lower price.

Price decrease refers to 1991 pricing.