Glen Report 33-16: Product Offerings Update – K&A Synthesizer Reagents

K&A offers a line of closed column synthesizers for oligonucleotide synthesis. With 4 to 32 column positions, these relatively compact systems are capable of synthesis scales of up to 10 µmol. Many of our customers use these instruments, and to better support them, we have assembled a list of compatible reagents:

This is essentially the Expedite list with additional larger bottle sizes to match some of the higher throughput configurations of the K&A instruments. Standard DNA phosphoramidites are available in 20-400 neck and 1 and 2 oz Boston Round bottles, as well as larger 28-400 neck and 200 mL Boston Round bottles. For all other phosphoramidite products, please look for the Expedite (E) format/packaging corresponding to either a 1 or 2 oz Boston Round bottle. These phosphoramidites are supplied in a standard ABI style slider vial, and a clean Boston Round bottle is also included. After solvation of the phosphoramidite in appropriate diluent, the resulting solution will need to be transferred to the Boston Round bottle. For the columns, both Expedite style columns, 40 nmol/200 nmol and 1 µmol scale, are compatible. For larger scales, the TWIST 10 µmol/15 µmol column is also compatible, but due to how close the column positions are on the instrument, only every other position can be occupied by these larger diameter columns. Finally, we offer all of our standard liquid reagents in 28-400 (200/450 mL) and 38-400 (2 L) neck sizes for these instruments.


K&A Synthesizer Reagent Compatible Columns


Pack Size

Catalog No.

Empty Synthesis Columns,
40nm, 0.2um Expedite Style

Package of 10


Empty Synthesis Columns,
1um Expedite Style

Package of 10


Empty Synthesis Columns –
TWIST, 10um/15um

Package of 10



Product Information

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