Glen Report 17.17: AB 3900 and MerMade Columns

We are happy to announce the availability of some of our more popular minor base supports on polystyrene and in columns fully compatible with the Applied Biosystems 3900 synthesizer. These include our popular Universal Support II, which will allow oligos to be produced on the 3900 with ANY base at the 3' terminus. At the same time, we are offering 1 µmole columns for the 3900 instrument.

By popular demand, we are also adding our two universal supports in CPG columns for use in 96 well synthesizers, such as the MerMade, that are adapted to use the column format.

Product Information

AB 3900

AB 3900 Polystyrene Modifier Columns

96 Well Format

Universal Support II and Universal Support 1000 have been discontinued. Please see Universal Support III: Universal Support III PS (26-5010)