Glen Report 34-26 Technical Snippets

Are BHQ’s compatible with CSO oxidizer?

Black Hole QuenchersTM (BHQ) are some of our most popular quenchers. BHQ’s are robust and quench a variety of popular fluorophores. Due to their popularity, they are frequently used in probes containing other modifications. These other modifications may require special ancillary reagents, which opens the question: Is BHQ compatible with alternative reagents, such as CSO oxidizer? 

Yes! We investigated the compatibility between CSO and BHQ-1. In our hands, we found CSO oxidation (3 min) was comparable to the standard I2 oxidation in a short strand containing BHQ-1 dT. While we only tested compatibility with BHQ-1, there is no reason to believe that other BHQ’s or any of our other quencher offerings would have any issues. CSO is an excellent alternative to iodine, and we have yet to encounter a phosphoramidite that is incompatible with CSO.


0.5M CSO in Anhydrous Acetonitrile (40-4632)

Does Glen Research sell molecular trap packs?

The answer is no. While water is the enemy in oligonucleotide synthesis coupling and anything that can be done to reduce the water content present can only be beneficial, we have found that molecular trap packs or sieves are not necessary, at least for our reagents. Our labs do not use molecular trap packs, and as such, we do not sell them.