Minor RNA Phosphoramidites (TOM Protected)

Glen Research offers minor RNA phosphoramidites with either TOM or TBDMS protecting groups. 4-Thio-U, 5-Methyl-Cytidine, and 2-Amino-Adenosine are useful for analyzing RNA structure and activity relationships, for example, in ribozyme studies.

Pyrrolo-C is a fluorescent nucleoside whose fluorescence is sensitive to its environment and is ideal for probing RNA structure. It base-pairs as a normal C nucleotide. It is highly fluorescent and its excitation and emission are well to the red of most fluorescent nucleotide analogs, which eliminates or reduces background fluorescence from proteins. Pyrrolo-CTP has potential uses in biological assay development.

rSpacer is used to introduce an abasic site to an RNA sequence. The TOM protected version has been discontinued and is replaced with the TBDMS version.

The protecting scheme for 2,6-Diaminopurine has been changed and the original product (10-3084) has been replaced with the optimized product (10-3085) below.

Amino-Modifier C6-U has been added to the growing family of sequence modifiers and we envisage applications in RNA structural studies as well as for labeling siRNA to probe uptake and cellular distribution.


TOM-RNA Phosphoramidites are supplied under agreement with QIAGEN. RNA synthesis using the TOM-Protecting-Group is covered by US Patent No. 5,986,084. 

TOM-Protecting-Group is a trademark of QIAGEN.

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