New Product - Alkyne-Modifier Serinol Phosphoramidite

Two of our products for Click Chemistry have proved to be especially popular over the years. For simple 5'-alkyne modification, our 5'-Hexynyl Phosphoramidite (1) is an inexpensive option. However, this product does not allow DMT-On purification. More recently, our 3’-Alkyne-Modifier Serinol CPG (2) has also proved popular as a support for alkyne modification of the 3' terminus.

We are now offering Alkyne-Modifier Serinol Phosphoramidite (3), also based on our proprietary serinol backbone, which can be used to modify the 5' terminus or any other position(s) within an oligonucleotide while still being compatible with DMT-On purification. Unlike 5'-Hexynyl Phosphoramidite, which is a viscous oil, Alkyne-Modifier Serinol Phosphoramidite is a solid that also allows easy weighing of the product by our customers prior to use.

Alkyne-Modifier Serinol Phosphoramidite is used with a coupling time of 3 minutes and is compatible with most popular procedures for oligonucleotide deprotection - AMA, 10 minutes/65°C or ammonium hydroxide, 17h/RT or 2h/65°C.

Figure 1: Structures of Alkyne Modifiers


(1) 5'-Hexynyl Phosphoramidite

(3) Alkyne-Modifier Serinol Phosphoramidite


(2) 3’-Alkyne-Modifier Serinol CPG