Glen UnySupport

The challenge for first generation universal supports was that complete dephosphorylation using ammonium hydroxide, AMA or anhydrous methylamine gas takes longer than most companies wish to allocate. A more recent development has been the use of a support based on a molecule which is "conformationally preorganized" to accelerate the dephosphorylation reaction. By using a rigid bicyclic molecule on the support, the rate of elimination is markedly faster than earlier universal supports. We are happy to offer Glen UnySupport in a variety of popular formats under license from Ionis Pharmaceuticals.

The extended time required to cleave the succinate linkage of the original Glen UnySupport can be problematical, especially in high-throughput production of oligos, due to the outgassing of ammonia and/or methylamine. Using a diglycolate linkage in Glen UnySupport FC instead of the succinate in Glen UnySupport, a significant increase in the rate of cleavage has been achieved. With the cleavage time of Glen UnySupport FC reduced to less than 5 minutes with AMA, there is minimal loss of volatile gas. We offer Glen UnySupport FC attached to 1000Å CPG in a variety of formats suited to high throughput synthesis, as well as in bulk for more routine use.


This product is covered by US Patent 7,202,264 owned by Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. 

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  • Glen UnySupport™ 500
    Glen UnySupport™ 500 (20-5040)
    Catalog #: 20-5040
    Formal Name: N-Methyl-succinimido[3,4-b]-7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-6-(4,4'-dimethoxytrityloxy)-5-succinoyl long chain alkylamino CPG
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