3'-Spacer C3 CPG

(1-Dimethoxytrityloxy-propanediol-3-succinoyl)-long chain alkylamino-CPG

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The spacer phosphoramidites C3, 9, C12 and 18 are used to insert a spacer arm in an oligonucleotide. The compounds may be added in multiple additions when a longer spacer is required. 3'-Spacer C3 CPG may also act as a blocker of exonuclease and polymerase activity at the 3'-terminus. dSpacer is used to introduce a stable abasic site within an oligonucleotide. PC Spacer is a photocleavable C3 spacer modifier, part of our line of photocleavable (PC) modifiers.



  • Coupling: This support should be used in a manner identical to normal protected nucleoside support since it contains the DMT group.
  • Deprotection: Cleavage of the oligonucleotide from this support requires 2 hours at room temperature with ammonium hydroxide. Complete the deprotection using the protocol required by the nucleobases.
Storage Freezer storage, -10 to -30°C, dry