Glen Report 27.15: PC Modifiers

Glen Research introduced PC Biotin and related PC modifiers in 2001. We are delighted to be able to publish this article illustrating the use of PC Biotin (1) in aptamer development at SomaLogic, Inc. We especially thank Jeff Carter for providing us with this article.
Our range of PC phosphoramidites is shown in Figure 3. PC Amino-Modifier (2) is useful for conjugating an NHS ester labelled tag post oligo synthesis, while PC Spacer (3) allows tags to be added to oligonucleotides as phosphoramidites.

(1) PC Biotin
(2) PC Amino-Modifier
(3) PC Spacer
Figure 3: Structures of Photo Cleavable phosphoramidites

Glen Research offers PC Biotin, PC Amino-Modifier and PC Spacer products in association with AmberGen, Inc. and Link Technologies, Ltd. For a commercial application license, please contact AmberGen, Inc., +617-975-0680,

Also see: Photocleavable biotin linker for use in SOMAscan™

Product Information

PC Biotin Phosphoramidite (10-4950)
PC Amino-Modifier Phosphoramidite (10-4906)
PC Spacer Phosphoramidite (10-4913)