Glen Report 22.25: New Products - Glen Gel-Pak™ DNA/RNA Desalting and 1000Å Glen UnySupport™ Frits

Principles of Glen Gel-Pak™ DNA/RNA Desalting

Fig 1
Glen Gel-Pak™ DNA/RNA Desalting Columns

The principle of the Glen Research gel filtration column, Glen Gel-Pak™, is based on size exclusion chromatography that separates molecules according to the hydrodynamic volume of the molecule in aqueous solutions. In gel filtration, the mobile phase for size exclusion is an aqueous solution and the stationary phase is a porous resin. The pores of the resin are sized such that they allow small molecules to enter the pores, yet exclude larger molecules from the pores. The small molecules, such as salts and hydrolyzed protecting groups, diffuse into the pores of the resin and move slowly through the column. The larger molecules, such as DNA or proteins, are excluded from the pores and move quickly through the column. The end result is that the larger molecules elute first in the column void volume while the small molecules are still flowing through the resin of the column.

Glen Gel-Pak columns are ideal for desalting and reaction clean up. They can be used for removal of the ammonium hydroxide deprotection solution and hydrolyzed protecting groups after deprotection. The columns can also be used for the clean up of NHS-labelling reactions to separate the labelled oligo and unlabelled oligo from the unreacted NHS ester, the hydrolyzed label, and n-hydroxysuccinimide, thereby greatly simplifying the downstream purification steps.

There are many benefits to Glen Gel-Pak columns:


  • Ability to directly desalt oligonucleotides deprotected in either 30% ammonium hydroxide OR 50:50 ammonium hydroxide/40% aqueous methylamine (AMA)
  • Easily exchange buffers
  • Simple clean-up of labelling reactions
  • Mild method for purification from salts and solvents such as DMSO and DMF


  • Multiple column sizes (0.2 mL, 1.0 mL and 2.5 mL) are available to match synthesis scale
  • Ability to efficiently desalt short and long oligos at different scales using the same protocol
  • Suitable for oligos >10mer in length
  • Glen Gel-Pak columns are easy to use and available in three sizes for different sample volumes (see below).

Product Information

Glen Gel-Pak™ DNA/RNA Desalting Columns

Glen UnySupport

Figure 1: Universal Support Structures
UnyLinker™ (R=Ph)
Glen UnySupport™ (R=Me)

Glen UnySupport™ is a version of UnyLinker™, shown in Figure 1, and is preferred for high throughput oligonucleotide synthesis. We supply Glen UnySupport under license from Isis Pharmaceuticals.

Glen UnySupport Frits

Universal Supports are the supports of choice for high throughput synthesis since they remove the need for individual wells or columns to contain a unique support.

We now offer high density polyethylene (HDPE) frits with embedded 500Å or 1000Å Glen UnySupport for high throughput applications and to allow customers to make their own inexpensive columns. The frits contain 40 nanomoles of Glen UnySupport and fit directly into empty MerMade and AB3900 columns. They can also be used on ABI 394 and Expedite instruments when fitted into inexpensive female-female luer adapters.

Product Information

Glen UnySupport