Glen Report 21.16a: New Products - High Load Glen UnySupport

Glen UnySupport is part of the family of universal supports, first described in 19941, where the cleavage from the support is followed by deprotection and dephosphorylation.2 Usually in this type of support, dephosphorylation is the slowest step. These universal supports are mostly compatible with deprotection using anhydrous methylamine gas. Glen UnySupport is based on a molecule which is “conformationally preorganized” to accelerate the dephosphorylation reaction.3,4 By using a rigid bicyclic molecule on the support (1) in Figure 1, the rate of elimination is markedly faster, as shown in Table 1. It is worth noting that Glen UnySupport is also compatible with UltraMild deprotection using potassium carbonate in methanol.

Figure 1: Universal Support Structures
UnyLinker™ (R=Ph)
Glen UnySupport (R=Me) (1)

The phenyl version, developed at Isis Pharmaceuticals as UnyLinker™, is available from several companies for large scale oligo synthesis. Glen UnySupport is the methyl version, which is preferred for high throughput oligonucleotide synthesis since methylamine rather than aniline is formed on deprotection.

Table 1: Elimination Conditions - Glen UnySupport (1)*
Reagent Conditions
Ammonium hydroxide 80°C/2h
Ammonium hydroxide/40% Methylamine (AMA) 80°C/0.5h
Potassium carbonate in Anhydrous Methanol RT/17h
*See updated table in Glen Report 21.2:New Products - Glen UnySupport™ Frits

In addition to the 500Å CPG, 1000Å CPG and Polystyrene supports introduced in 2008, we now offer Glen UnySupport on a high load CPG suitable for use in larger scale synthesis. Glen UnySupport is sold under license from Isis Pharmaceuticals.


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This product is covered by US Patent 7,202,264 owned by Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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