Glen-Pak™ DNA 30 mg 96-Well Plate

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Glen-Pak™ DNA and RNA cartridges have advantages over Poly-Pak cartridges in that a single loading of the diluted crude deprotection solution is all that is necessary. Also, the range of purification has been extended to 100+ using DMT-on oligos. Glen-Pak cartridges have similar performance to Fluoro-Pak cartridges but without the need for the fluorous DMT group at the 5' terminus and special phosphoramidites, so the cost is lower. In addition, Glen-Pak cartridges allow purification of virtually the complete range of dyes and modifiers. The Glen-Pak DNA Cartridge 3g is a large cartridge capable of purifying 10-20 µmole oligonucleotide syntheses using the standard DMT-on procedure and Glen-Pak DNA 30mg 96-Well Plates are for parallel purification of up to 50 nmole scale syntheses. The Glen-Pak DNA 3mg 384-Well Plate is designed for use with 384-well plate compatible vacuum manifold systems and can purify up to a 20 nmole scale synthesis. Each well contains 3mg of Glen-Pak DNA resin, which binds about 15 nmoles of full length 40-mer DMT-ON oligo. 

Scale suggestions for the Glen-Pak DNA product line are shown below:

Glen-Pak DNA Product Catalog Number Synthesis Scale Compatibility
Glen-Pak DNA 50mg Purification Cartridge 60-5000-96 0 nmole - 200 nmole
Glen-Pak DNA Purification Cartridge 60-5100-XX and 60-5200-XX 10 nmole - 1.0 µmole
Glen-Pak DNA Cartridge 3G 60-5300-01 5 µmole - 20 µmole
Glen-Pak DNA 30 mg 96-Well Plate 60-5400-01 10 nmole - 50 nmole
Glen-Pak DNA 3mg 384-Well Plate 60-5500-xx up to 20 nmoles

A User Guide to Glen-Pak™ Purification describes in detail the process and several applications for DNA and RNA purification.
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Storage Controlled room temperature