Thiol-modification of oligonucleotides is important for:

  • Labeling with thiol-specific tags like iodoacetamides and maleimides,
  • Conjugation of enzymes, especially horseradish peroxidase, and
  • Attachment of oligonucleotides to gold surfaces.
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  • S-Bz-Thiol-Modifier C6-dT
    S-Bz-Thiol-Modifier C6-dT (10-1538)
    Catalog #: 10-1538
    Formal Name: 5'-(4,4'-Dimethoxytrityl)-5-[N-(6-(3-benzoylthiopropanoyl)-aminohexyl)- 3-acrylamido]-2'-deoxyuridine, 3'-[(2-cyanoethyl)-(N,N-diisopropyl)]-phosphoramidite
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