BlackBerry Quenchers

We are happy to offer several products containing the BlackBerry Quencher (BBQ-650), which exhibits a broad absorption profile from 550nm to 750nm, centered at 650nm. This range offers more effective quenching of some of our popular long wavelength dyes like TAMRA, Redmond Red, Cy dyes and DyLight dyes. We offer BBQ-650 products for the 3' and 5' termini, as well as BBQ-650-dT for inclusion within the oligonucleotide sequence, with the following properties:

  • Quenches the fluorescence of long wavelength dyes
  • Quenches in FRET and contact mode
  • Absorbance maximum at ~650nm
  • Quenching range - 550-750nm
  • Compatible with standard oligo synthesis chemistry
  • Compatible with regular deprotection but requires mild deprotection with AMA at room temperature
  • Available for 3', 5', and internal substitution
  • More stable than BHQ-3
3 Product Results
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  • 5'-BBQ-650®-CE Phosphoramidite
    5'-BBQ-650®-CE Phosphoramidite (10-5934)
    Catalog #: 10-5934  |  CAS #: 1027512-25-9
    Formal Name:


  • BBQ-650®-dT-CE Phosphoramidite
    BBQ-650®-dT-CE Phosphoramidite (10-5944)
    Catalog #: 10-5944  |  CAS #: 905554-46-3
    Formal Name:


  • BBQ-650® CPG
    BBQ-650® CPG (20-5934)
    Catalog #: 20-5934
    Formal Name:


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