Oligo-Affinity Support (PS)

5'-Dimethoxytrityl-Adenosine-2',3'-diacetate-N-Linked-Polymeric Support

Product Specifications

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Oligo-affinity supports (OAS) should ideally be compatible with automated synthesis, should be non-friable, should not shrink or swell, and should have low non-specific binding of the proteins or DNA. On the support shown below is an Adenosine residue attached through the exocyclic amino group. In this way, synthesis progresses regularly on removal of the 5'-DMT group. However, on treatment with ammonium hydroxide, the oligo is not cleaved from the support. This matrix can then be used as an affinity support for a complementary segment of DNA or RNA. Alternatively, the complementary strand can be annealed to the support and the double stranded DNA can be used as an affinity support for purifying DNA binding proteins. We expect that OAS PS will be used for purification of components from biological fluids.



  • Coupling: This support should be used in a manner identical to normal protected nucleoside support since it contains the DMT group.
  • Deprotection: Treat OAS PS with ammonium hydroxide or other deprotecting solutions as normal. Discard liquid and wash support with water until neutral pH is achieved. Do not discard the support. Do not lyophilize the support. See the bulletin "Oligo Affinity Supports" for further detail.
Storage Controlled room temperature or lower, dry