Welcome to the Glen Research Catalog containing the most complete selection of products for DNA and RNA research. The Table of Contents at the beginning and the Index at the end of the Catalog are the most comprehensive we have produced. There are always limitations to printed catalogs in a fast-moving technology sector and a complete and up-to-date catalog is also maintained on our web site.

All minor bases, modifiers and RNA products are packaged for Applied Biosystems instruments. We can provide vials and columns for a wide variety of other instruments. As shown in the table to the left, we can accommodate catalog numbers for unusual products to fit all popular instruments. The table to the left is reproduced on all relevant spreads of this catalog.

We are unique in conducting a QC test for supports to show the length of oligo that can be prepared before a drop-off in coupling due to steric effects begins to occur. The drop-off point is recorded in the Certificate of Analysis or Analytical Report. Unless otherwise specified, our minor base and modification supports are 1000Å CPG, which results in improved performance and the ability to make much longer oligos. Polystyrene supports are also available for some of our most popular items.

For reasons of quality assurance, we do not transfer powders or oils from stock Applied Biosystems vials to vials for other instruments. Powders may be hygroscopic and electrostatic, making transfer difficult, and oils have to be dissolved and the solvent evaporated. For best performance, it is preferable for the customer to dissolve the product and immediately transfer the solution to the correct instrument vial. Consequently, the product will be delivered in an industry-standard septum-capped vial along with a clean dry vial for the appropriate instrument.