Abasic Site

Hydrolysis of nucleoside residues in DNA occurs to generate abasic sites. Most commonly, dA sites are hydrolyzed causing depurination and leading to abasic residues. For researchers trying to determine if their source of depurination in chemical synthesis of DNA is reagent, fluidics or protocol-based, we offer a depurination-resistant dA monomer, def-dA-CE Phosphoramidite.

A new chemical method allows the generation of abasic sites in double and single stranded oligonucleotides using very mild specific conditions and with very low probability of side reactions. Abasic II Phosphoramidite has the advantage of simplicity in that the silyl group is removed post-synthesis using aqueous acetic acid.

dSpacer is used to introduce a stable abasic site within an oligonucleotide.

rSpacer is used to introduce an abasic site to an RNA sequence.

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