Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) received by the Glen Research Technical Support Team:


  • Do you provide Oligonucleotide synthesis services?
    • We don’t make oligos – Our customers do!
      We provide reagents for oligonucleotide syntheses, such as phosphoramidites, supports, and liquid reagents. We can ship our reagents to an oligonucleotide house of one’s choosing.



  • What is the difference between the Certificate of Analysis (CofA) and the Analytical Report (AR)?
    • The CofA provides testing specifications and testing results, while the AR provides the testing results only.



  • Do you provide custom synthesis?
    • Sometimes. We consider custom synthesis requests on a case by case basis. Custom syntheses are generally very expensive as multiple organic synthesis steps add up to a lot of labor costs. These projects will have minimum order quantities and often long lead times.
      Please contact the Technical Support Team ([email protected]) for all custom synthesis inquiries.





  • We are considering using one of your products as part of our oligonucleotide. Are there any IP restrictions we need to be aware of before committing? 
    • If we are aware of any IP restrictions for a specific product, we will note that information both on the product webpage as well as the certificate of analysis/analytical report.



  • What is the expiration date for your product?
    • Many of our products can last a very long time when stored properly. Therefore, we provide a reanalysis period in favor of an expiration date. The reanalysis date indicates the time at which a batch that remains in our inventory is re-evaluated to confirm the quality of the lot. We provide the reanalysis period in our certificates of analysis and our analytical reports.