Glen Research offers a variety of supports for your oligonucleotide synthesis needs.


Glen Research offers supports to support UltraMild DNA synthesis.

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We offer Glen UnySupport FC attached to 1000Å CPG in a variety of formats suited to high throughput synthesis, as well as in bulk for more routine use.

Our universal supports and synthesis supplies are produced and packaged to ensure the highest performance on commercial oligonucleotide synthesizers.

We are offering Q-linkers of the four regular nucleosides on 500Å CPG in 0.2 and 1µmole scales for quick cleavage.

Our high loading support is based on controlled pore silica and it retains the usual 500Å pores.

Glen Research offers RNA supports in which protected ribonucleosides are attached to CPG.

Glen Research offers supports for TOM RNA synthesis..

Glen Research offers TBDMS-protecteds supports for RNA synthesis.