Hot Start PCR - CleanAmp™ Primers

CleanAmp™ Primers offer an alternative to other Hot Start technologies and allow greater control of primer hybridization and extension during PCR. It has been demonstrated that CleanAmp Primers outperform other technologies in multiple applications. Indeed, over a broad range of applications, CleanAmp Primers reduce or eliminate off-target amplification. Greater amplicon yield is also achieved, due to improvement in specificity and sensitivity. By using either the slow-releasing Precision primers with two CleanAmp phosphotriester linkages or the faster-releasing Turbo Primers with a single CleanAmp phosphotriester linkage, the rate of formation of unmodified primer can be controlled to suit reaction needs. A table to aid in the selection of Turbo and Precision Primers for specific applications is shown below.

Turbo Primers Precision Primers
Fast cycling Standard cycling
Multiplex PCR One-step reverse-transcription PCR
Improves amplicon yield Improved specificity and limit of detection
Reduces mis-priming/ primer dimer formation Greatest reduction in mis-priming/primer dimer formation

Synthesis of CleanAmp Primers requires the use of UltraMild Chemistry.

Glen Research no longer provides the CleanAmp™ Primers and monomers.  They are available from TriLink BioTechnologies.