Glen Unysupport FC

The extended time required to cleave the succinate linkage of the original Glen UnySupport can be problematical, especially in high-throughput production of oligos, due to the outgassing of ammonia and/or methylamine. This reduction in concentration of gas can necessitate the evaporation of the cleavage solution and addition of fresh Ammonium Hydroxide:MethylAmine 1:1 (AMA) or ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) to ensure complete deprotection and dephosphorylation of the product oligos. Using a diglycolate linkage in Glen UnySupport FC instead of the succinate in Glen UnySupport, a significant increase in the rate of cleavage has been achieved. The minimum cleavage times for both versions are as follows:

Glen UnySupport 10 min. 40 min
Glen UnySupport FC 2 min. 5 min.

With the cleavage time of Glen UnySupport FC reduced to less than 5 minutes, there is minimal loss of volatile gas and, therefore, no need to evaporate the cleavage solution and replenish with fresh AMA or ammonium hydroxide solutions.

We offer Glen UnySupport FC attached to 1000Å CPG in a variety of formats suited to high throughput synthesis, as well as in bulk for more routine use.