Biotin Phosphoramidites and Supports

Biotin-dT can replace dT residues within the oligonucleotide sequence. 5'-Biotin phosphoramidite can be added ONLY ONCE to the 5'-terminus of an oligonucleotide. However, the DMT group on the biotin can be used in RP cartridge and HPLC purification techniques. PC Biotin is a photocleavable 5'-biotin phosphoramidite. BiotinTEG CPG and Protected BiotinLC Serinol CPG are designed for the direct synthesis of oligonucleotides containing biotin at the 3' terminus.

Desthiobiotin is a biotin analogue that exhibits lower binding to biotin-binding proteins such as streptavidin. This biotin analogue is lacking the sulfur group from the molecule and has a dissociation constant (Kd) several orders of magnitude less than biotin/streptavidin. As a result, biomolecules containing desthiobiotin are dissociated from streptavidin simply in the presence of buffered solutions of biotin. We offer desthiobiotinTEG phosphoramidite and the corresponding CPG.