3'-BiotinTEG PS


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Some of our more popular minor base and modifier supports are available on polystyrene in columns fully compatible with the Applied Biosystems 3900 synthesizer. These include our popular Universal Support III, which will allow DNA, RNA or LNA oligos to be produced on the 3900 with ANY base at the 3' terminus. At the same time, we are offering 1 μmole columns of Universal Support III for the 3900 instrument. Structures and more complete descriptions are found in the relevant catalog sections for each item. AB 3900 columns can be prepared with virtually any of the CPG supports in this catalog. It is no longer necessary to adjust the flow using our AB 3900 CPG columns, as noted in the box to the right. Modified CPG columns are only available in 200 nmole size - simple add ‘A’ to the regular catalog number to order.



  • Coupling: This support should be used in a manner identical to normal protected nucleoside support since it contains the DMT group.
  • Deprotection: Cleavage of the oligonucleotide from this support requires 2 hours at room temperature with ammonium hydroxide. Complete the deprotection using the protocol required by the nucleobases.
Storage Freezer storage, -10 to -30°C, dry