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Oligo-Click Kits contain an air-stable, insoluble Cu(I) source in pellet form in a pre-loaded and ready-to-use vial. Within the kit, the TBTA ligand is replaced by an activator which is compatible with both aqueous and organic solvents. This innovative combination of catalyst and ligand/activator results in a much easier labeling work-flow of only three simple steps. The preparation of the oligonucleotide labeling via CuAAC now requires only a minimal hands-on time of a few minutes or even less and can be carried out in air without any additional precautions.  Glen Research is offering the following kits in collaboration with baseclick GmbH.  

  • Oligo-Kit M Biotin, Oligo-Kit M Fluorescein and Oligo-Kit M TAMRA:  Each kit has sufficient reagents for conjugating up to seven alkyne-containing oligonucleotides on a 100 nmole scale or a single oligonucleotide on a 1 µmole scale.  Each kit contains all of the ingredients necessary, including the azide and DMSO solvent.