Halogenated Nucleosides

Brominated and iodinated nucleosides are used in X-ray crystallography studies of oligonucleotide structure.  They are also photolabile and are used for cross-linking studies to probe the structure of protein-DNA complexes.  Antibodies exist to Br-dU and oligonucleotides containing Br-dU can be used as probes.  5-Fluoro-dU can be used as a non-photoreactive alternative to 5-Br-dU with similar electron density.  5-F-dU base pairs more strongly that T to both dA and the dG mismatch.  It is also useful for probing DNA structure using 19F NMR spectroscopy.

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  • 5-Br-dC-CE Phosphoramidite
    5-Br-dC-CE Phosphoramidite (10-1080)
    Catalog #: 10-1080  |  CAS #: 178925-43-4
    Formal Name: 5'-Dimethoxytrityl-N-benzoyl-5-bromo-2'-deoxyCytidine,3'-[(2-cyanoethyl)-(N,N-diisopropyl)]-phosphoramidite
  • 5-I-dC-CE Phosphoramidite
    5-I-dC-CE Phosphoramidite (10-1081)
    Catalog #: 10-1081  |  CAS #: 178925-44-5
    Formal Name: 5'-Dimethoxytrityl-N-benzoyl-5-iodo-2'-deoxyCytidine,3'-[(2-cyanoethyl)-(N,N-diisopropyl)]-phosphoramidite
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