Zip Nucleic Acids (ZNA®)

Spermine phosphoramidite is used to produce oligospermine-oligonucleotide conjugates - Zip Nucleic Acids (ZNA®) Oligos. The name reflects the presumed mode of action. The conjugates are believed to use the oligospermine to seek out and move along (scan) oligonucleotide strands until the probe complementary sequence is located. The oligospermine then performs the function of stabilizing the formed duplex by reducing electrostatic repulsion, thereby leading to significantly increased binding affinities. ZNA® Oligos have found use in the following applications: Multiplex PCR; PCR of AT-rich Regions; RT qPCR; Detection of MicroRNA; Improved SNP Discrimination; and Antisense and Antigene Effects. Spermine phosphoramidite is simple to use in oligonucleotide synthesis and can be added multiple times at the 3’ or 5’ terminus. Deprotection and isolation are also straightforward. HPLC analysis of the conjugates requires high pH to suppress the ionization of the spermine residues.

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  • Spermine Phosphoramidite
    Spermine Phosphoramidite (10-1939)
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