5'-Amino-Modifier C6-TFA


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Glen Research offers a range of different 5’-Amino-Modifiers designed for use in automated synthesizers to functionalize the 5’-terminus of a target oligonucleotide with a primary amine. These modifiers vary based on the amine protecting group and the linker. Of these, the trifluoroacetyl (TFA)-protected Amino-Modifiers are typically used when a trityl group is not necessary. The TFA group allows deprotection to be completed in a single standard step to give an amine that is immediately available for conjugation with amine-reactive agents.

The 5’-Amino-Modifier C6-TFA has a 6-carbon linker with a TFA protecting group.

It should be noted that TFA-amino modifiers are sensitive to prolonged transit times and elevated temperatures (e.g., international shipments in the summer). Under these conditions, PDA-amino modifiers are significantly more stable and are excellent alternatives (https://www.glenresearch.com/reports/gr25-16).



  • Coupling: No changes needed from standard method recommended by synthesizer manufacturer.
  • Deprotection: No changes needed from standard method recommended by synthesizer manufacturer.
Diluent Anhydrous Acetonitrile
Storage Freezer storage, -10 to -30°C, dry
Stability 2-3 days

Dilution/Coupling Data

The table below show pack size data and, for solutions, dilution and approximate coupling based on normal priming procedures.

ABI 392/394

Catalog # Pack Size Grams/Pack 0.1M Dil. (mL) Approximate Number of Additions
LV40 LV200 40nm 0.2μm 1μm 10μm
10-1916-02 0.25 g .25grams 6.05 188.33 113 70.63 51.36 37.67 9.42
10-1916-90 100 µmol .041grams 1 20 12 7.5 5.45 4 1


Catalog # Pack Size Grams/Pack Dilution (mL) Approximate Number of Additions
Molarity 50nm 0.2μm 1μm 15μm
10-1916-02 0.25 g .25grams 9.03 0.07 174.2 108.88 79.18 10.89
10-1916-90 100 µmol .041grams 1.5 0.07 23.6 14.75 10.73 1.48