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Catalog Number: 10-1099-xx
Description: Amino-Modifier C6 dG

This item has been discontinued.
Please see 10-1529: N2-Amino-Modifier C6 dG

Formula: C51H66F3N10O8
M.W.: 1035.11 
F.W.: 443.39 

Diluent: Anhydrous Acetonitrile

Coupling: Amino-Modifier C6 dG reacts in a manner identical to normal phosphoramidites. To prevent side reactions, synthesize using acetyl-protected dC. See Deprotection for futher details.

Deprotection: No changes needed from standard method recommended by synthesizer manufacturer. The TFA protecting group is removed during standard ammonium hydroxide deprotection. A minor side reaction during ammonia deprotection can lead to irreversibly capping 2-5% of the amine. This could be significant if multiple additions of the modifier are made. To prevent the reaction, synthesize using acetyl-protected dC and deprotect in 30% ammonia/40% methylamine 1:1 (AMA) at 65°C for 15 minutes.

Storage: Refrigerated storage, maximum of 2-8°C, dry

Stability in Solution: 2-3 days


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