New Product - Methylene Blue C3 Phosphoramidite

Glen Research is delighted to offer Methylene Blue C3 Phosphoramidite, (1) in Figure 1, under license from the University of Lyon. In consultation with Carole Chaix, we chose to prepare this propyl version for optimal performance and ease of synthesis.

Figure 1: Methylene Blue C3 Phosphoramidite



Methylene Blue C3 Phosphoramidite is used with a coupling time of 3 minutes. However, UltraMild monomers and capping must be used to allow deprotection with 0.05M potassium carbonate in methanol (Catalog No. 60-4600-30).

The UV/Visible spectrum of an MB labelled oligo is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: UV/Vis Spectrum of MB Oligo



We would like to thank Christian Chapelle of the Technology Transfer Office of the University of Lyon for his help in setting up a license agreement. Also, thanks are due to Carole Chaix for her help and encouragement in making the commercial availability of Methylene Blue C3 Phosphoramidite possible.

Methylene Blue C3 Phosphoramidite is covered by PCT application number WO2013128099 and is sold under license from the University of Lyon.


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