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Sterling CE Phosphoramidites

Glen Research CE (β-cyanoethyl) Phosphoramidites are produced and packaged to ensure the highest performance on DNA synthesizers. Every Glen Research product is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and HPLC trace, showing the results of our QC testing. Every Glen Research monomer vial is specially cleaned to eliminate particulate contamination.
Item Catalog No. Pack Price ($)
10-1000-20 2.0g 100.00
10-1000-50 5.0g 250.00
10-1010-20 2.0g 100.00
10-1010-50 5.0g 250.00
10-1015-20 2.0g 100.00
10-1015-50 5.0g 250.00
10-1020-20 2.0g 100.00
10-1020-50 5.0g 250.00
10-1029-20 2.0g 100.00
10-1029-50 5.0g 250.00
10-1030-20 2.0g 100.00
10-1030-50 5.0g 250.00


Every batch of these CE Phosphoramidites is tested as follows

  1. HPLC
    a) Identity is confirmed by comparison with a reference sample.
    b) Purity is determined by HPLC to be ≥98.0%.
  2. TLC
    Purity is verified by TLC.
  3. 31P NMR
    Purity is determined by 31P NMR to be ≥98%.
  4. Coupling Test
    Coupling efficiency is determined to be ≥99%.
  5. Solution Test
    A 0.1M solution is determined to be clear and free of particulate contamination.
  6. Loss on Drying
    Volatile contaminants are determined to be ≤2%.

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Sterling Solvents/Reagents

All solvents and reagents are prepared to our exacting specifications to ensure the highest synthesis efficiency and are passed through a 0.2 micron filter during packaging to eliminate particulate contamination.
Item Catalog No. Pack Price ($)
40-4050-45 60mL 12.00
40-4050-50 100mL 16.00
Äkta Oligopilot
30-3105-71 1L 380.00
Cap Mix A
40-4015-71 1L 145.00
Cap Mix B*
40-4028-71 * 1L 190.00
Oxidizing Solution
40-4035-71 1L 225.00
Deblocking Mix
40-4040-71 1L 80.00
40-4140-71 1L 80.00
40-4240-71 1L 145.00

*Cap Mix B is a two part formulation that is combined immediately before shipment.


Ac2O = Acetic Anhydride
CE = Cyanoethyl
CPG = Controlled Pore Glass
DCA = Dichloacetic Acid
DCM = Dichloromethane
DMAP = Dimethylaminopyridine
dmf = dimethylformamidine
DMT = 4,4’-Dimethoxytrityl
I2 = Iodine
iPr = Isopropyl
MeIm = 1-Methylimidazole
µm = micromole(s)
nm = nanomole(s)
Pac = Phenoxyacetyl
PhOAc = Phenoxyacetyl
TCA = Trichloroacetic Acid
THF = Tetrahydrofuran

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